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The questions and answers below will help you learn more about our decals.

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Q: How do you apply the decal?
A: Check out our decal application page here.

Q: I have a special need, or request. Can you help me?
A: Sure. Please contact us and we'll do our best to help you.

Q: How long does it take to receive my decal once I order?
A: 2-3 weeks.

Q: Are your decals licensed by SASS?
A: Yes, our decals are officially licensed by SASS.

Q: What are the uses of the decals?
A: Spare wheel covers, back of vehicle, gun carts, windows, advertising, etc.

Q: Can the decals be personalized?
A: Yes. The decals can be personalized in the following ways:

  • SASS Alias on top
  • SASS Number on bottom
  • Pards Alias on bottom
  • SASS Club on bottom
  • Anything else you want on the bottom must not have more letters than can be reasonably read (no more than 15 letters, including spaces). If more letters, font size may be reduced.

Q: Do the decals come in different letter colors?
A: Yes, our decals come in a standard set of colors you can choose from.

Q: Will the decal come off if it is on the outside of a windshield and a scraper is used to scrape ice off during the winter?
A: Yes, the decal should not be applied to a window requiring scraping.

Q: What are the available sizes?
A: Any size from 6 1/2" x 5" to 48" x 57".

Q: Can I have my alias on the top of the decal and my SASS number on the bottom of the decal?
A: Yes.

Q: What can I put my decal on?
A: Wood, metal, gun cart, glass, plastic, just about anything.

Q: How durable are the decals?
A: Our decals have been tested in rain, snow, cold and heat for 3 years of shooting at 2 shoots per week. The overlaminate is the type used for commercial floor decals.

Q: Are your decals mass produced?
A: No. Each decal is individually designed and manufactured.

Q: Do you accept Visa and MasterCard?
A: Yes.

Q: What are the shipping and handling charges?
A: Our charges are $3.00 total per order.

Q: What are the prices of the decals?
A: Our prices are:

  • 6 1/2" x 5" = $8.99
  • 8 1/2" x 7" = $10.49
  • 10 3/4" x 8 3/4" = $11.99
  • Colored Vinyl = $1.00 per decal

Q: How thick are the decals?
A: Our decals are 3.2 mill industrial quality vinyl.

Q: What does the decal do for me?
A: Your decal will let people know your alias at shoots and it will help to identify you to others at shoots.

Q: What size decal do you recommend I order?
A: We recommend you get the biggest size you can. The bigger the decal, the more visible and noticeable it will be.

Q: Are you a big company.
A: No. We are a small business just having fun and providing a service for our SASS pards.

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