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How to Apply Your SASS Decal

Instructions to apply your SASS Decal


Store unapplied decal in a clean, dry, cool location. Never subject the decal material to moisture, excessive humidity, direct sunlight or temperatures above 100 degrees. Decals should also be stored flat.

Surface Preparation

Before installing the decal, you must clean the surface on which the decal will be applied. Using a soft cloth, clean the surface thoroughly with window cleaner or alcohol. Be sure to clean the surface several times if it is extremely dirty. To avoid adhesion problems, be sure that all liquid has completely dried from the application surface.

The surface you are applying the decal MUST be in a 50 to 95 degree Fahrenheit environment. If it is too cold the adhesive will not work.

Installation Procedure

Things to note before applying:
  1. Our decals come in three layers. The bottom layer consists of paper. The middle layer contains the decorative decal. The top layer is the protective heavy duty overlaminate.
  2. The application surface must be clean and dry.
  3. Plan for your EXACT placement of your new decal.
  4. After the paper backing is removed be careful not to allow it to touch anything as once stuck it can be hard to remove. Once the decal touches the surface, DO NOT TRY TO RELOCATE. The decal's adhesive is very strong.

Applying the decal:

  1. Pull the decal tab at a sharp angle and carefully peel the decal from the paper so that only the decal with its adhesive back and the overlaminate remain.
  2. Put an edge of the sticky side of the decal to the surface where you want it applied.
  3. Start applying the decal from the edge and lay it down, in stages toward the opposite edge.
  4. After placing the decal to the surface, gently rub it home starting from the center, working your way to the edges.
  5. Make sure that all the decal has stuck to the surface.

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